This luxurious electric rotary spit is desighned specifically for use with the GIRSE garden fireplace.

Thanks mainly to watching adventure films, most of us are familiar with the sight of game being cooked over an open fire using a rotating skewer. The difference with our spit is that an electric motor removes the need for manual turning. However, you will need to pay close attention to the cooking process and by observing the basic guidelines below, you will enjoy success whether you are cooking a joint of meat, a chicken or a duck.

Very importantly, the rotisserie includes a fat collecting tray which has two functions.

The fret at the back side of the tray protects the meat from direct flames. The wood or charcoal fire is able to blaze away behind the fret without blackening the surface of the meat.
The tray covers the are immediately beneath the spit, which prevents the juices dripping into the embers and igniting.
IMPORTANT. The tray must have water in it throughout the cooking process. The water prevents the tray from being deformed by the intense heat and absorbs the gravy or fat dripping from the food during cooking.

The spit rod holder is set so that the embers only indirectly heat the meat. As the liquid gradually evaporates from the drip tray, fresh water must periodically be added. Depending on the food to be cooked, the cooking time can be anywhere between one and two hours.

TIP! As gourmets know, the rising steam imparts flavour to the meat so a variety of different tastes can be obtained by simply adding spices to the water or by using beer or wine instead of water!